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D.M.F. Systems, Corporation is excited to announce the release of Ez4file version 1.3.0 on January 15, 2007.

The Ez4file is a web based file access and management system. It allows a user to access and manage files worldwide, and an administrators to configure the user account and access rights worldwide, with a web browser and internet connection only.

The Ez4file is designed and impletemented based on stendard specifications to makes it web server independent and web browser independent. The Ez4file works with all Web server running under Microsoft Windows 2003 / XP / 2000 / NT 4 / ME / 98 / 95.

The Ez4file is an alternative to the FTP server to avoid the FTP access problem caused by HTTP proxy based firewalls.

Click here for more information about Ez4file

Download the Ez4file v1.3.0 Trial version or Ez4file v1.3.0 Personal Edition now.

The iGlobeCity is online with its first service iHome now.

The iHome is the iGlobeCity's first service to give you a platform for serving yourself. With iHome you can make Internet experience pleasure and easy by:

  • Creating your own personalized member home page to contain only the links and resources you like;

  • Sharing resources and favorite links with your relatives, friends, colleagues...

  • Accessing home computer worldwide whenever it is online with static or dynamic IP address;

  • Creating your own virtual private network with relatives, friends, colleagues or anybody else;

Click here to see a demo of the member home page.

The iHome is free and easy to use, it's designed for your daily Internet use.

WebRainbow version 1.5 was released on March 3, 2005, and its Trial Edition is ready for download here. This version is a bug fix release to resolve the problems found in the previous versions.

WebRainbow is a Web server independent CGI programming tool for VB 6 / 5 / 4. The VB code can be written once, working for all major web servers on Windows 2003 / 2000 / NT4 / XP / Me / 9x.

With WebRainbow, developers can directly use Visual Basic

  • writing web based client/server application,
  • generating dynamic content in either text / html or binary format,
  • transfering data between pages / websites,
  • receiving any content-types (either text or binary data) transmitted through HTTP POST method,
  • creating web based file uploading / downloading application.

WebRainbow is really ready for 24 x 7 running, supports unlimited concurrent access with very large content receiving / sending capacity. Only COPY / DELETE WebRainbow file is involved for deployment.

Click here for more information about WebRainbow

Download the WebRainbow v1.5 Trial Edition now.

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