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New Features in WebRainbow 1.5

  1. Fixed the compatibility problem found in v1.4, which cause the provious VB examples failed to run.

  2. Function GetFormData will return empty string if sID set to 0.

  3. Demo instruction for Apache seb server is based on Apache 2.0.X, instead of Apache 1.3.X, starting from this release.

Release History

  1. Version 1.5, March 3, 2005
    . Fixed the compatibility problem with found in v1.4.
    . Function GetFormData will return empty string if sID set to 0.
    . Demo instruction based on Apache 2.0.X instead of Apache 1.3.X.

  2. Version 1.4, January 2, 2005
    . Capability of HTML based file uploading was added.
    . New memory handling for receiving and sending vary large size of content.

  3. Version 1.3, November 14, 2002
    . Capability of accepting any content-types (either text or binary data) transmitted through HTTP POST method was added.
    . New mechanism for receiving data (non-form-data) through url was included for easily transferring data between pages and web sites.
    . More constants for MIME content-type were added

  4. Version 1.2, January 2, 2001
    . Capability of sending dynamic binary content was included.
    . New mechanism for transferring data through url was introduced.
    . Url-encode/decode functionality was added by exposing 2 new functions HexEncode & HexDecode.

  5. Version 1.1, June 25, 2000
    . The limited off-line debug capability was included.
    . Two default values of CGI Environment Variables was used.

  6. Version 1.0, April 20, 2000
    . First release of WebRainbow.

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