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WebRainbow v1.5 released on March 3, 2005, and its Trial Edition is ready for download here.

WebRainbow version 1.5 is the bug fix release to resolve the problems found in the previous versions.

WebRainbow is a Web server independent CGI programming tool for VB 6 / 5 / 4. The VB code can be written once, working for all major web servers on Windows 2003 / 2000 / NT4 / XP / Me / 9x.

With WebRainbow, developers can directly use Visual Basic

  • writing web based client/server application,

  • generating dynamic content in either text / html or binary format,

  • transfering data between pages / websites,

  • receiving any content-types (either text or binary data) transmitted through HTTP POST method,

  • creating web based file uploading / downloading application.

WebRainbow is really ready for 24 x 7 running, supports unlimited concurrent access with very large content receiving / sending capacity. Only COPY / DELETE WebRainbow file is involved for deployment.

WebRainbow using Static / Dynamic Separation technology makes dynamic web page developing easy.

The completed on-line documentation and example source code are included in the WebRainbow package.

Click here for more information about WebRainbow and Download the WebRainbow v1.5 Trial Edition now.

To see how WebRainbow at work, Please visit our, it is built on the WebRainbow. This is the first one of our series of web based applications.

WebRainbow v1.5 Standard Edition is $79 USD.

  .Supports unlimited concurrent accesses with high performance,

  .Suitable for heavy trafficed website.

 See detailed features here.

March 3, 2005, The WebRainbow version 1.5 was released.
It includes several bug fixes found in v1.4. Please click here to download the WebRainbow v1.5, Trial Edition.

January 2, 2005, The WebRainbow version 1.4 was released.
It fully supports multipart/form-data media-type to let developer to create web based file uploading / downloading applications using HTML page(s). There is no limitation on number of uploading files, as well as no limitation on size of file(s),

November 14, 2002, The WebRainbow version 1.3 was released.
With this version, the developer can use Visual Basic to write Web Server Independent Application to accept XML data, as well as any other kind of data, transmitted throught HTTP POST method.

January 2, 2001, The WebRainbow version 1.2 was released.
With this version, the developer can write Web Server Independent dynamic content in either text/html format or binary format directly using Visual Basic, as well as transfer data between pages and websites much easy.

July 4, 2000, The WebRainbow version 1.1 was released.
With WebRainbow version 1.1, the develper can debug VB CGI program in the Visual Basic Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

June 9, 2000, An database access demo for WebRainbow was posted.
It uses ADO to access data in the MS Access database and illustrates how to make VB CGI script access database. Using WebRainbow to write Web dynamic page in Visual Basic allows you to use any your daily used method to access database.
Please click here to download the demo.

June 8, 2000, EasyHTTP version 0.1 was released.
This is one of the Debug Tools for WebRainbow. It is used to check out what is really sent to browser by CGI script through the Web server. It'll be a good utility to learn HTTP too. As written in Visual Basic and come with the source code, it will be a good example to show the way for retrieving web page directly from the normal VB program. It is free for use.
Please click here to get more info about EasyHTTP.
Please click here to download EasyHTTP.

April 20, 2000, The WebRainbow version 1.0 was released.

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