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EasyHTTP is disgned as one of the debug tools for WebRainbow. This release is Version 0.0.1, the beta test. At this time, only VB source code is released, no bianry executable is provided.

Screen shuts

  1. After you entered Web address, selected HTTP version and Request Method, you can enter Form Data to simulate the HTML Form:

    This is optional, if you request a static page, you don't need any Form Data.

  2. Then you can check to see the whole Request Message before you send it to the Web server. The Request Message shown in "Request Message" TextBox includes both Request Header and Message Body:

    This is very useful for learning how to use HTTP protocol to send request to Web server.

  3. After the whole page is received, you can check to see the whole Response Message sent by Web server. The Response Message shown in "Response Message" TextBox includes both Response Header and Message Body (normally is the HTML page).

    This is the point you can check the real output of your VB CGI program, especially if your program utilizes HTTP Headers for advanced features. This is also useful for learning how to process the Response Message sent by the Web server.

Known problems

  1. Some HTTP 1.1 requests keep connection for very long time.

  2. HTTP request headers are hard coded.

  3. Cookies are not implemented.

Compile EasyHTTP

To compile EasyHTTP, you need Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition of VB 5 or VB 6. For Learning Edition of VB 5 or VB 6, you need to install MSWinSck.ocx (MS WinSock Control) first. Please click on following link to see detailed information on compiling EasyHTTP:
Compile EasyHTTP in VB 6
Compile EasyHTTP in VB 5

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